Thursday, September 11, 2014

Laundry soap and trials and troubles of being a new happy homesteader!

I truly have enjoyed our first garden! Many lessons learned and we have bought so many books and magazines that hopefully we will be better prepared next year! We are having an issue with our chickens going on strike??? But more about that later :)

My most recent happy homesteading ordeal has been making our own laundry detergent. I do this now for various reasons, The number one reason is because of my daughter's sensitive skin and my husband often breaks out if I change detergents. I found a great recipe that does NOT use borax. Some people like using borax so you could add it to the recipe if you want but I am afraid it would agitate my daughters eczema.

1 bar laundry soap, grated finely ( you can also use dove or a natural bar soap) I plan to try to make my own and use it. Right now I use the kind my grocery store sells in the laundry department
 1 c. washing soda ( cleanser)
1/2 c. baking soda ( removes stains)
 1/4 c. coarse salt ( this softens the water)
I also add a few drops of essential oils. so far I have used lavender and peppermint :)

I quadruple this recipe and keep it in an air tight container. I use an 1/8  of a cup or a little more depending on load size.

I have tried many homemade dishwashing detergents but have not found one I am happy with. They all seem to leave a film on my plastic cups. If you know of one you have perfected I would love to try it!!!

My hubby often comes home with muddy pants from his job and it has cleaned them very well. Neither my daughter or my husband has had any complaints and I love how I can control how strong or soft I want the smell AND what smell I may want for that month or two, depending on how much I make.

If you prefer a liquid detergent, there are many recipes out there, so remember save money by making this yourself and HAPPY HOMESTEADING!!!

My next blog will be about why our chickens have all of a sudden quit laying eggs ( if I can figure it out LOL, remember this is our first time with chickens so I am currently researching the reasons for their strike!) or it may about  the rag quilt I am currently working on. It won't be finished but a nice enough for a picture I do believe :)

I am hoping with in the next few months my husband and I will have found the farm that we want and you all can be part of our process of planning out the lay of the land etc... EXCITING TIMES ARE COMING!!!