Saturday, September 27, 2014

Quilts, Chickens and More!

Well it has been a hectic few weeks! We got 4 new chickens! They still are not socializing well but at least they are not fighting like before. We kept them separated by a fence for a few days but allowed them to socialize a few minutes every day. Now they are in the same pen. Not fighting but keeping to themselves LOL The two black ones do not want to sleep in the chicken tractor, they prefer to sleep on top of the fence then fly down in to the fenced area in the morning.

One thing I am learning about chickens is: when they first start laying they lay very small eggs that eventually get bigger! This I did not know but someone told my better half and he explained it to me then we actually got to see  one of the smaller eggs... so cute

I basically finished my rag quilt! My daughter LOVES it.
 With a rag quilt there is really no REAL quilting on a quilting rack involved. Yout cut out your pattern squares I did 6 inches, then you cut a flannel material a bit smaller for the "filling" next you cut a 6 inch flannel for the backing. sew them all together with a big X to keep the "filling from sliding. then you connect them together, to make what ever pattern you want, with the seam up toward the front of the quilt. cut small slits in the seam and after it is washed they fuzz up.  I Google several different rag quilts to get a good understanding.

I made my first batch of goatsmilk soap this year and it turned out wonderful! It is curing in the boxes now. In 3 more weeks I will have some WONDERFUL soap.

The most exciting part is that my husband and I are currently looking for a farm. Right now we live in a subdivision , yes with chickens LOL. We want to buy a small farm so we can be even more self sufficient and I am hoping more chickens, a few goats, a pond with fish and a big place for a garden, an orchard of fruit trees along with solar power and a canning and soap making room is in our near future.

Stay tuned to our search and then how we plan out out future for retirement